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Micro power wireless data transmission module
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Micro power wireless data transmission module

450 mW -550mW
ERP Effective Transmit Power
Receiving Sensitivity
Operating Temperature
Working Humidity
Technical indicators
Application range
1.1, data modulation uses FSK (Manchester coding), the frequency is in the ISM band, no need to apply for frequency.
1.2, high anti-interference ability and low error rate:
Based on the FSK modulation method, the high-efficiency forward error correction channel coding technology is adopted to improve the data's ability to resist burst interference and random interference.
1.3, excellent transmission performance:
In the case of line-of-sight, the antenna height is >2 m and the reliable transmission distance is ≥2000 m (BER=10ˉ6/2400Bit/S).
1.4, various interfaces, easy to set up:
Three interface modes are available: TTL/RS232/RS485.
Provides a transparent data interface, the interface baud rate is 1200/2400/4800/9600Bit/s, the format is 8N1/8E1/8O1 user can be set; the air baud rate is 1200/2400/4800/9600Bit/s user can be set.
1.5, multiple channels:
The standard configuration of the module provides 8 channels to meet the user's multiple communication combinations.
1.6, large data buffer:
At least 750 bety data frames are transferred once during data transmission. When the air baud rate > serial port baud rate, data frames of more than 200K bytes can be transmitted at a time.
1.7, transparent data transmission, intelligent data control:
The user does not need other control during communication, as long as the data is received/transmitted from the interface, and other operations such as over-the-air transmission/transmission, control, etc., the module can be automatically completed.
1.8, low power consumption:
When the TTL interface is used, the sleep current is ≤3uA, the receiving current is ≤30mA, and the emission current is ≤320mA.
1.9, high reliability, small size, light weight:
It adopts single-chip RF integrated circuit and single-chip MCU with few peripheral circuits and high reliability.
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