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WM-IoT module

ERP Effective Transmit Power
Receiving Sensitivity
Operating Temperature
Working Humidity
Technical indicators
Application range

Product features:

Wake up in the air.
Public metering band.
10M bandwidth working mode.
Support data transparency.
Automatic networking, automatic routing, no manual intervention.
Sweep mode, 16 working channel groups to avoid interference.
Two-way real-time, fast transmission speed.
The network covers 3000m and there is no need to install a trunk.
It has an efficient energy equalization algorithm that automatically circumvents weak nodes.
Using 2400mAH battery standby time can be up to 10 years.
Equipment debugging, installation and maintenance are simple and easy, and support for air upgrades.
Support ladder price, pre-paid, real-time price adjustment, real-time reading and valve control.
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