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WM-IoT Smart Gateway

ERP Effective Transmit Power
Receiving Sensitivity
Operating Temperature
Working Humidity
Technical indicators
Application range
Product introduction:
WM-IoT Smart Gateway uses the most advanced technology available today to implement remote set copying
A key device in the system. It can be built and maintainedWM-IoTWireless Mesh IoT
Network, and automatically copy and store the data of each table through the downlink WM-IoT channel; also
Data can be exchanged with the primary station or handset through the upstream channel. Its upstream channel uses
Modular design, can change communication mode by replacing communication module, support GPRS,
Communication methods such as CDMA and Ethernet.
Product features:
Data storage: large-capacity storage, long-term preservation of various data.
Parameter setting and query: set terminal parameters, meter reading parameters.
School time function: The smart gateway can automatically check with the main station according to the setting, and ensure the system time is accurate by broadcasting and metering.
Remote upgrade: Support the main station to remote software download and upgrade of the smart gateway, and support the breakpoint retransmission mode.
Setting function: The initial running parameters and meter reading interval can be set remotely or locally. Parameters such as meter reading cycle, and have the function of preventing illegal authorized personnel and
Technical parameters to ensure data security.
Data reading: real-time reading, real-time uploading, real-time reading, naming and reading, reading and reading, etc.
Easy to debug: use the handheld for parameter setting and on-site debugging.
Self-diagnosis and abnormal information recording function: Automatic system self-test, find equipment (including communication) abnormality for event recording and alarm.
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