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PDA handset

ERP Effective Transmit Power
Receiving Sensitivity
Operating Temperature
Working Humidity
Technical indicators
Application range
Mainly used for on-site, debugging, meter setting of wireless remote automatic meter reading system, and realizing on-site meter reading, with several
According to the function of collecting, storing and transmitting meter reading data to the meter reading master station system. Wide-area wireless communication and large-capacity storage capabilities
Power, high industrial grade and high cost performance, using mainstream operating systems such as Android, can run a variety of powerful
The application is a multi-functional "intelligent intelligent reading device" in the professional industry.
The handheld machine can perform centralized metering of the metering value by wireless means on the spot, and can send the following control commands to perform metering valve switching operations, etc.
It can give specific quantification to the wireless environment and construction effect of the site, so that the site construction has specific data support, and the wireless installation selection point is more reasonable,
Installation, commissioning and maintenance are more convenient and faster
Built-in large-capacity RAM, ROM, Micro DS/TF card extension (up to 32GB)
Support GPS positioning of the on-site meter box for easy searching
Support infrared, barcode scanning, and file management and maintenance of water meters
Support on-site debugging and parameter setting of devices such as meters and concentrators
Support on-site automatic acquisition of meter reading files for automatic meter reading, and meter reading data synchronization to the main station platform
Support for copying and layer copying by building block, with automatic copying function
Support manual entry of meter reading data, support valve control
Support on-site inspection function
Dual system
Ultra high protection
High performance and large capacity
Solid appearance
Flexible data collection
The first Android system industrial handheld terminal in China, more stable and compatible · Support Windows CE system development platform
IP64 industrial waterproof and dustproof grade · 1.5m anti-drop height
Adopts S a m S u ng C o rt e x A 8 processor, equipped with 1GHZ core · Supports 32G large capacity TF card expansion
Adopt 3.5-inch industrial color transflective touch screen · Unique P+R backlit keyboard · 25+4 alphanumeric function keys
Powerful data acquisition and transmission capabilities · development interface for flexible development
Support troubleshooting of field device faults and troubleshooting of communication channels
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