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NB-IoT module

ERP Effective Transmit Power
Receiving Sensitivity
Operating Temperature
Working Humidity
5%~95%RH,No condensation
Technical indicators
Application range
CMN210 is a single-mode, multi-bandwidth NB-IoT module based on the MTK platform. Support LTE-FDD multiple frequency bands, the peak of uplink data traffic reaches 62.5Kbps, the peak of downlink data traffic reaches 25.5Kbps, and has Ultra-low power consumption, which can meet various needs of customers.
CMN210 measures only 18mm × 16mm × 2.3mm in LCC package At the same time, it has the characteristics of stable performance, compact appearance, high cost performance, and ultra low power consumption, which can maximize the user's product development. CMN210 embeds rich network Protocols (such as TCP/IP/UDP/MQTT/CoAP/HTTP(S)/LWM2M), integrates multiple industry standard interfaces (such as: USB, UART, GPIOs, ADC, SPI) and supports multiple Drive and software features have greatly Expand their range of applications in the M2M field.
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Main characteristics
Size: 18mm × 16mm × 2.3mm
FDD-LTE band: B3/B5/B8
Controlled by AT commands
Supply voltage: 2.85V ~ 3.6V, typical: 3.3V
Operating temperature: -40 ° C ~ +85 ° C
Working humidity: 5%~95% RH, no condensation
Support power saving mode:
eDRX (3GPP Release 13)
PSM (3GPP Release 12)
Data transfer rate:
Upstream maximum 62.5 Kbps
Downstream maximum 25.5 Kbps
External single antenna
Transmitting power: 23±2dBm (power level 5)
Maximum power backoff: ≤1 dBm
Power tolerance: 2 dB
Frequency error: ±0.2ppm
Error vector magnitude EVM: 17.5%
Receive sensitivity: -112 dBm
Maximum input power: -25 dBm
Power consumption:
Idle mode / Idle: 8mA
Sleep Mode / Sleep: 0.2mA
Power saving mode / PSM: 4uA
USB x1
UART x2 (4-wire and 2-wire UART interface)
SIM card x1 (1.8V and 3V)
ADC x1
Other characteristics
USB driver supports Microsoft Windows
Upgrade software firmware via UART port
Text and PDU mode*
Low power consumption: Supports PSM and eDRX modes. In theory, two No. 5 batteries can support 10 years;
High sensitivity: Compared with the existing cellular technology, it has 20dB gain coverage, wide signal coverage and strong penetrating power. The products using this module still have wireless communication capability in indoor or basement locations;
High-density deployment: A targeted design allows a community to maintain up to 50,000 terminals;
Support user independent research and development: consider adding a single-chip microcomputer in the design of the development board for customers to design related functions according to their own needs, and can independently develop various functions;
The compact SMT package meets the tight space requirements of end applications;
LCC package: support mass production, easy to maintain.
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