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Wisdom ultrasonic heat meter
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Wisdom ultrasonic heat meter

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product description:

FC-7 no 1 line 0 ultrasonic heat meter is mainly composed of paired temperature sensor, ultra low power consumption

The line communication module, ultrasonic flow meter and calculator form an integrated design concept. wireless

Ultrasonic heat meter without any mechanical movement, no mechanical wear, not affected by bad water quality, cold

Thermal dual-purpose (heating and cooling) system can intelligently judge heating or cooling meter according to actual use status

Quantitative, equipped with far-infrared interface, and with micro-cellular wireless ad hoc network function, capable of wireless

The collection device forms a wireless meter reading network to realize wireless remote meter reading.

Wireless ultrasonic heat meter is easy to install, easy to maintain, ultra low power consumption, strong anti-interference

Capabilities and high reliability, which solve the remote data acquisition system and comprehensive data of the community

Data access problem of system discrete data collection information points.




Wireless low-power MESH network architecture, 4-level 3-hop routing covering areas up to 3000 meters in diameter

The pipe section is a straight-through integrated structure, which is made of forging and is made of forged brass.

This product uses high quality piezoelectric ceramic transducer to ensure high accuracy and stability.

No mechanical movement, no wear, completely immune to impurities, chemicals and magnetic materials in the medium, the operation is very stable and reliable; the measurement accuracy is not affected by the use cycle

Paired temperature sensor uses Pt1000 high precision platinum resistor to ensure measurement accuracy

Adopting German ACAM ultrasonic special inspection chip for higher precision

Very low static power consumption with TI430 series ultra low power microcontroller

LCD displays heat and temperature and other related parameters, easy to read

Self-diagnosis, fault display and power-off protection

One-piece structure, beautiful appearance; single-button design, easy to operate; display part can be rotated 360 degrees, easy to read

Dustproof, moisture proof, waterproof, anti-disassembly, etc.

Supports bands of 433MHz, 470-510MHZ, 868 M Hz, 915MHZ, etc.

Supports LCFDA and wireless M-Bus communication protocols for easy and fast reading of on-site metering data

System data collection is wireless, greatly reducing installation and maintenance costs

Extend battery life with advanced power management technology

AES 218-bit data encryption technology ensures high security of wireless data communication

Meets MID, OIML and CE technical requirements

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