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WM-IoT Gas Information Collection Management System

WM-IoT Gas Information Collection Management System

Smart City
2019/07/23 15:26
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WM-IoT smart gas remote meter reading system uses wireless grid IoT network technology, smart meter sensor technology, computer, network communication technology,,,
System Overview:
WM-IoT smart gas remote meter reading system uses wireless grid IoT network technology, smart meter sensor technology, computer, network communication technology
An advanced system that integrates the air supply data such as the key nodes of the pipe network and the metering points of each meter to automatically collect data.
Authenticity, completeness, timeliness and reliability provide an accurate basis for gas volume settlement. Provides report printing and can be networked with the banking system to achieve
Automatic payment, can expand the realization of telephone voice or SMS notification, information network release and query and other information management functions. For the gas department and other energy departments
The door effectively solves the problem of large workload and difficult to charge meter reading.
System Features:
Wireless low-power MESH network architecture, 4-level 3-hop routing, covering areas up to 3000 meters in diameter.
The utility model solves the data access problem of the discrete data collection information point of the remote data acquisition system and the integrated data system of the cell.
The network level is simple: the system adopts the secondary network transmission mode, the table uses the WM-IoT communication to the smart gateway, and the smart gateway passes the GPRS/
CDMA/Ethernet mode to the primary server.
The meter has a low battery alarm: when the battery is lower than the set value, the alarm information is automatically reported to the main station management software to monitor the battery power information in real time.
The system has real-time monitoring and automatic analysis functions, which can timely and effectively discover the abnormal gas consumption of the gas meter (including the user's private disassembly table, flipping,
The gas consumption suddenly increases or decreases), which is convenient for the gas company management department to deal with in time.
It can collect measurement data of single double reed switch, photoelectric direct reading gas meter and ultrasonic gas meter.
The system has ultra-low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, high reliability, easy installation and easy maintenance.
Can realize the handheld meter reading: the meter reader can use the handheld machine to collect the measured value in the field, and then upload the data in the handheld to
Master station management software.
Set the password level and give different levels of operator different permissions.
System composition:
The system consists of smart gas meter, handheld, smart gateway and master station management software.
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