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On-off time area measuring system

On-off time area measuring system

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2019/07/23 15:24
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The system adopts WM-IoT wireless low-power self-organizing network communication technology, integrated design, and installs wireless metering control on the heating hot water inlet branch pipe....
System Overview:
The system adopts WM-IoT wireless low-power self-organizing network communication technology, integrated design, and installs wireless metering control on the heating hot water inlet branch pipe.
a valve in which a wireless thermostat is installed in the user's room for measuring the indoor temperature and setting the temperature for the user, and wirelessly transmitting the two temperatures to the wireless meter
The quantity control valve adjusts the heat sent into the room to realize the indoor temperature adjustment, achieves the user's room temperature constant temperature, comfort and energy saving purposes, and at the same time, wireless measurement control
The valve records the accumulated heating time of the valve (as the basis for the distribution of the metering charge), the total amount of the heat meter in the building, and the system accumulates the heating according to each user.
The district and the heating area are comprehensively distributed, and the temperature control and metering real-time monitoring and management are integrated.
The system complies with JGJ173-2009 "Technical Regulations for Heating Measurement" and JG/T379-2012 "Technical Section of Heat Metering Device for On-off Time Area Method"
The article fully considers the usage habits of the Chinese people, the system is low in cost, easy to install and use, accurate in measurement, easy to manage, and more in line with the room temperature control of Chinese residents.
The use habits and other characteristics can be widely used in various heating occasions.
System composition:
The system consists of a concentrator, a building wireless ultrasonic heat meter, a wireless indoor temperature controller, a wireless metering control valve, and a master station software management platform.
The concentrator is the key equipment in the collection system, and the concentrator is the regional self-organizing network of the central access point. The concentrator is the access center of the network, which can be grouped.
The WM-IoT communication network is built and maintained, and the data information uploaded by the wireless metering control valve is collected through the downlink WM-IoT channel, and the control command is issued, and the data transmission is real-time and reliable, and can also pass the uplink channel with the main station or the handheld palm. The machine exchanges data. The uplink channel adopts modular design, which can change the communication mode by replacing the communication module, and supports GPRS, CDMA, Ethernet and other communication methods to upload data to the main station software management platform. The concentrator has high stability and strong anti-interference ability.
Building wireless ultrasonic heat meter:
Low-power wireless ad hoc network communication technology integrated in the table design, used to measure the total usage of a building (or multiple buildings) at a certain time (such as heating period), and collected by the concentrator to the main station software Manage the platform and share the user's heat.
Wireless room temperature controller:
Installed in the user's room, the main function is to wirelessly control the operation of the wireless metering control valve, used to measure the indoor temperature and the user set temperature to send wireless commands to the wireless on-off controller, so that the control valve is opened, wireless low-power design ,Battery powered.
High-performance low-power single-chip microcomputer, stable and reliable power-off memory function. After power-on again, it will continue to operate in the state before power-off. It adopts large-screen LCD and has backlight display function. It can operate freely at night without external Wiring, easy to install on the wall, without damaging the wall layout, can be removed from any position in the room to operate the communication status display, real-time display of whether the wireless communication is normal, real-time display of set temperature, measured temperature, wireless signal strength, clock, power, valve switch status , valve opening time, valve opening value, arrears status, allocation usage display, etc.
The intelligent on-off valve has a power-off protection function. It can force the valve to open when the power is off. It does not affect the user's normal heating. The minimum flow protection function can be customized. When closing, keep the valve slightly open, and maintain the minimum anti-freeze flow from the heating pipe to avoid long-term unused. Lead to cracking of pipes
Wireless on/off controller:
A wireless on-off controller is installed on the heating hot water inlet branch pipe, which has control and communication functions, and controls the on-off of the heating circulating water by receiving the wireless room temperature controller command, simultaneously recording and storing the valve on-off time, and wirelessly The network communication transmits data to the concentrator, and the wireless low-power self-organizing network is integrated, battery-powered, and easy to install and maintain. :
Wireless low-power MESH network architecture, 4-level 3-hop routing, high-performance low-power single-chip microcomputer covering an area up to 3000 meters in diameter, stable and reliable quality, abnormal power loss, no data loss
Good waterproof and dustproof function:
The control valve is easy to disassemble and install. It can be installed after the equipment and pipeline are installed. It is more conducive to improving the installation efficiency. The pressure difference is large. After the valve is closed, the motor does not bear any force. The motor has a longer life and the ball valve of the drive is removed. , can be switched with ordinary tools.


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