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WM-IoT Wireless Grid IoT Network

WM-IoT Wireless Grid IoT Network

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2019/07/23 15:22
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WM-IoT(Wireless eMsh ntIernet fo hiTngs)
It is an ultra-low power wireless self-organizing MESH network technology that can serve as the core network of wireless sensor ...

Network introduction:
WM-IoT(Wireless eMsh ntIernet fo hiTngs)
It is an ultra-low power wireless self-organizing MESH network technology that can serve as the core network of wireless sensor networks. It collects and transmits data in units of communities, each consisting of a central access point CAC and multiple low-power data access point units DAU. CAC is responsible for network construction, system maintenance, joining, deleting and replacing new nodes, and energy management. It is also the data access center of the network. DAU is both the data collection node and the routing node of the network. The DAU communicates with the CAC in a multi-hop mode. When data is blocked, when a path is blocked, the second path is automatically selected to ensure the smoothness of the network link. A single area covering up to 3,000 meters in diameter can be easily and quickly derived into a metropolitan area network covering a larger area.
Network features:
The WM-IoT network uses advanced power management technology to maximize node battery life.
DAU works in breathing mode and has three states: sleep, listen and wake up; if the breathing cycle is 1000ms, the listening time is 4ms; according to the 2400mAh capacity battery, the battery life is at least 10 years. With the whole network respiratory synchronization mechanism, all the initial DAUs are in a random state of breathing. After the networking, the CAC will synchronize the DAU of the whole network, and the nodes in the same network wake up to listen at the same time and sleep at the same time; DAU in the data communication process The node also has a breathing self-adjustment function that corrects the synchronization error to improve the efficiency of the entire system. Efficient energy equalization algorithm, the residual energy of each DAU node will be different in the whole network. When calculating the relay path, the CAC central node will analyze the residual energy of the DAU node in the whole network to find the best path. Select the path with the highest energy, avoid excessive use of some DAU key routing nodes, cause excessive energy consumption of these nodes, make the nodes use more balanced energy, and increase the usage time of the whole system.
The network has a multi-channel mode, working in the ISM band below 433 GHz (global), 470MHZ-510MHZ (China),
868MHZ (Europe) and 915MHZ (Americas) can be flexibly deployed according to the radio frequency resource management requirements of each country.
The network supports remote device access, supports handheld access, and utilizes the handheld function to make device debugging, installation, and maintenance easy. The network has an air remote upgrade function. When the service is increased or the user function is changed, the remote device can be used. Perform a remote upgrade, or use the upgrade station and the handheld to perform an aerial upgrade of the on-site DAU. The upgrade does not affect the normal operation of the system.
Application areas:


WM-IoT network is widely used in remote automatic meter reading of water, gas and heat meters, intelligent agriculture, smart home, oilfield information collection system, environmental and ecological monitoring, security system, sensor network system and so on. Ideal for a variety of battery-powered applications.
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