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China Southern Power Grid developed the world's first non-blackout plug-in electric energy meter

China Southern Power Grid developed the world's first non-blackout plug-in electric energy meter

2019/07/17 14:05
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At the 5th Second Council (Enlarged) Meeting of the Electrical Instrumentation and Instrumentation Branch of China Instrument and Meter Industry Association held this year, China Southern Power Grid...
At the 5th Second Council (Enlarged) Meeting of the Electrical Instrumentation and Instrumentation Branch of China Instrument and Meter Industry Association held this year, China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. introduced the functions of remote power-on and power-off, communication modularization, and electrification to replace the energy meter. The new plug-and-play plug-in electric energy meter can replace the electric meter without power failure. The China Instrument and Meter Industry Association unanimously believes that this is the direction of the development of electric energy meters. For this reason, a national standard for plug-in electric energy meters will be developed.
As a terminal device of the smart grid, this new meter not only retains the traditional metering automation one-way automatic meter reading function, but also has two-way energy metering, adaptive multi-channel communication interface, user energy management and other functions, which can achieve the most energy. Excellent configuration and utilization to improve grid operation reliability and energy efficiency. When replacing a new meter, simply unplug the old meter and insert a new one to complete the installation, automatic connection of the automation system, and automatic data upload.
According to reports, plug-in meters have long been precedents in the world, but at present only China Southern Power Grid Corporation can achieve "continuous power plugging." At present, the research and development project has obtained three utility model patents and two appearance patents. The application patent for “a plug-in electric energy meter” has also entered the substantive review stage.
In addition, the communication module in the new energy meter adopts independent module design. If the communication mode is to be upgraded, only the communication module can be replaced, which greatly saves the initial investment of low-voltage meter reading.
The plug-in electric energy meter is easy to disassemble and install, and can also reduce the risk of incorrect wiring. The operator does not need to touch any live parts when assembling and disassembling, which can ensure personal safety. The meter also adds anti-tampering design, and non-professionals cannot open the meter. If the meter is removed under abnormal conditions, the alarm function of the meter base will start immediately.
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