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Friendcom announces a newly developed wireless M-Bus ISM module

Friendcom announces a newly developed wireless M-Bus ISM module

2019/07/24 20:11
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A miniature FC-703A-MBUS module with embedded wireless M-Bus Protocol was announced recently by Friendcom. The newly developed Module supports both EN13757-4:2005 and prEN13757-4:2011 Wireless M-BUS standard.

FC-703A-MBUS module works in S, T and R2 modes, and operates in 12 channels in the 868 MHz frequency band....
A miniature FC-703A-MBUS module with embedded wireless M-Bus Protocol was announced recently by Friendcom. The newly developed Module supports both EN13757-4:2005 and prEN13757-4:2011 Wireless M-BUS standard. FC-703A-MBUS module works in S, T and R2 modes, and operates in 12 channels in the 868 MHz frequency band. A state of the art design and lean production make the FC-703A Wireless M-BUS module a high quality product and a cost-killer.
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