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Campus Recruiting
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1、Recruitment trip:






Starting time



Chongqing University

September 17


Room 107, Bishop A, Area A

Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications

September 18


2 teach 2315


Harbin Engineering University

September 19



Harbin Institute of Technology

September 20


Activity Center 416


Wuhan University of Technology

September 22


Auditorium 2

Wuhan University

September 23


Main Campus Job Center Hall of Excellence


South China Institute of Technology Wushan Campus

September 24


Report Hall, Yi Madam Library, Wushan Campus

South China Normal University University City

September 25


Teaching Building 1 Building 104


Hunan University

October 9


Dongfeng Multi-function Report Hall

Central South University

October 10


School Headquarters Science and Education South Building 301


2、Recruitment positions


Job category

Recruitment position

Target professional requirements

Academic requirements

Other recruitment requirements

Number of recruits



Sales category

Sales Engineer

Communication, Electronics, Power, Computer, Automation, etc.

Bachelor degree or above

Good at communication and cooperation, high savvy, clear logic, responsible and responsible, and flexible marketing potential.



Research and development

FPGA Development Engineer

Circuits and systems, signal and information processing, etc.

Bachelor degree or above

Familiar with digital circuits, logic design, and understanding communication signal processing.



Algorithm Development and Simulation Engineer

Applied Mathematics, Signal and Information Processing, etc.

Master degree and above

Familiar with digital signal processing, understanding matlab simulation, with a background in applied mathematics is preferred.



RF engineer

Communication/Radio/Electromagnetic Field and Microwave related majors

Bachelor degree or above

Solid theoretical foundation and training potential in RF



Embedded software development engineer

Communication Engineering, Signal and Information Processing, Circuits and Systems, Computer Technology and Applications, Software Engineering, Instrumentation, Automation, etc.

Bachelor degree or above

1. Familiar with Linux operating system;
2. Familiar with Linux driver programming;



Embedded software development engineer

Bachelor degree or above

1. Familiar with embedded software programming;
2. Have a theoretical foundation of software architecture;
3. Familiar with C++ programming language
4. Have an object-oriented theoretical basis



Application development
(master station / system platform / Android)

Counting machine science and technology, software engineering, electrical technology (engineering, automation), electronics, information, instrumentation, automation, etc.

Bachelor degree or above

1. Familiar with programming languages such as C++/java;
2. Have an object-oriented theoretical basis;
3. Good communication skills and learning ability.


3. The interview process
1. Presentation time: company introduction, written test (please bring your own resume and pen)
2. Interview: Interview with Human Resources and Technology Department
4, job requirements
1. Professional counterparts, excellent academic performance, English level 4 or above.
2. Have certain social activities, and party members or student council leaders are preferred;
5. Career development:
1. The company provides employees with diversified career development channels such as R&D, marketing and technology;
2. Provide a sound education and training system.
6, salary and benefits
1. Resolve the Shenzhen account;
2. Social insurance and housing provident fund (ie five insurance and one gold);
3. Implement the national annual leave provisions;
4. The salary and welfare level is at the leading level in the region where the company and the company are located. The salary is determined according to the employee's position, performance and contribution to the company, and provides various conveniences for the employees.
7. Information should be prepared
1. Personal resume;
2. The original or photocopy of the transcript (with the seal of the Academic Affairs Office);
3. Original English and computer related certificate and other original certificate of honor (both copies);
4, employment agreement (after the re-test, you can sign the contract).
5, please bring a signature pen, written test is required.
8, contact information
Company Address: Wanyelong Science and Technology Park, Tangtou Avenue, Shiyan, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China School Hotline: 0755-23230582, 86026600
Mr. Su
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